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Update to iPhone X screen please!

Update to iPhone X, XR, XS and XS MAX please!

The most amazing supernatural game ever.

The way I can play as Alex makes me think I can try to make a book about it.But the one thing is about the hidden message at the end when the weird glitch thing comes on cause alex is in a time loop, I get the way the Morse code is on the radio but the one thing I don’t get is Michel is still alive in the ending it was cool cause the thing I closed the hole so i found out that my choices were good.😃😃🤯🤯🙀🙀😍😍😍.

Awsome game!

I’ll give it all stars. However, I don’t like the part where you have to purchase the full game. I had to watch a gameplay and it is an awesome game. Good story line and an interesting plot.


this game is amazing but it would be better if the hole game was free, but I can understand why it is not. Ether way the game is amazing 10 out of 10.

Too good to be true...

I absolutely LOVE this game. From the sample this game has given me, the art, plot, characters, EVERYTHING is so perfect. But I’m not allowed to buy games from the AppStore. The only downer part of this game is that you have to pay if you’d want to play the entire story. I liked this game so much, but now, I can’t even play it. If I could, I would buy all the “episodes “ without hesitation. But unfortunately I cannot. I would still recommend it though.


Add support for iPhone X!


Incredible! The animation is beautiful, it’s genuinely original and creepy. I’ll be thrilled if this universe expands, would purchase any sequels or future episodes. The $5 full-story access price is so worth it. Only thing, I wish there was a zoom function, even if it’s slight. I didn’t always like being so far away from everything. Other than that, spectacular.

Really good game

It’s a good game

Great game...but facing some controller issues.

Love the game so far, but I tried playing with my Steelseries Nimbus when I heard that there was controller support for the game. While I’m able to move around just fine, the buttons that were mapped for choosing character responses throughout the game don’t work. Idk if I’m the only one experiencing this, but if this can be addressed, then it’s 5 stars without a doubt from me. Cheers!

Great game yet disgruntled

I bought this game last August and recently it updated to where it’ll let you play the beginning but if you want to go beyond that you gotta buy the game. I love this game and will replay it now and then. I went to replay it tonight and it tried to force me into buying it again. This was $5 I spent last year and now they want me to buy it again? I don’t think so either I get the full version back or I’m a super disgruntled customer. It’s a great game and worth it but not gonna buy it twice. I tried to restore my purchase and it wouldn’t let me. I’m only giving it three stars only because of this buying again nonsense. I’m not gonna but it again. I want the full version back.


Well had high hopes but even on my iPhone + w/my eyesight (& wearing glasses) I can barely read anything, constantly squinting..... so I can’t play. Delete. Hopefully future updates will increase txt size so I can play.

What a waste of money !

New update locks you out and ask you to repurchase! No thank you!

Read the reviews

I haven’t played the game just wanted to read the reviews I’ve heard it’s a great game though

The game seems great but...

This has been a cool game so far. I’m only about 20 minutes in and I had not played it in a few weeks. Since the game has been updated it is now not working properly. I can not select the radio or the pause button from the side menus. This, unfortunately, causes me to get stuck in the game and not proceed. Please fix this right away so I can play this game! Update: It appears the most recent update fixed my problem! Thank you for the quick response.

Buyers beware!

This was one of the best games on iOS until those who already purchased the game were locked out by the latest patch, which introduced a try before you buy feature allowing in-app purchase of the full game with no way to restore the purchase already made. If you do buy the game, I hope the developers don’t patch it again with a “pay separately for each level” gimmick, locking you out of your game just as they did to me.

Locked out by new update

I purchased the game before it the main game was accessible through in app purchases. I deleted it due to storage space, but when I redownloaded it, I could not play the full game anymore or restore my purchase.

Purchased the game already, but my progress was deleted

I purchased the full game about a week ago and stopped playing for a few days, and when I opened it back up today my progress was deleted and I was told to buy the full game - even though I already did that. Extremely disappointed!

Good game, some issues.

More interactive story than a game. Fun, interesting, but no puzzles to solve. Radio mechanic is clever but has no difficulty, you simply swipe across the screen until the right station hits. Some pathfinding and clipping issues, a couple soft locks. All that aside, coming from old Sierra adventure games, I found this a fun time. Great voices.

Definitely recommend!

This is one of those games you can play for hours and not get bored. The storyline is great, characters have a lot of depth. Also; the price is worth it. Only problem is I wish there were more games like this one

Worth it

Wasn’t expecting the story to be that way but I don’t regret buying it. It’s worth buying and it gets you to love and care for the characters. It has one of the coolest stories and art I’ve seen in a game for a while. The voices are on point as well. Definitely one of my top games. Just try not to kill anyone. Especially Jonas. You can kill Clarissa though.

The fak

I all ready bought the game now I have to do it again, the fak

I already purchased the game last year

I already purchased the game last year, why do I need to pay another $5 dollars to play a game I already own?

Pls fix the restore purchase!

Thank you for adding the Chinese, but I have to pay again? Come on fix it!

Highly Recommend!!

Oxenfree is an excellent point-and-click adventure game with a supernatural storyline that is interesting and unique. There are multiple endings based on your actions and decisions, so this is not your typical “one and done” game. I started playing the game again recently and had a bit of a glitch after the latest update. I sent the developer an email and they responded quickly with a fix that worked. Two big thumbs up for the game and the developer!!

Best game ever

It was the best game ever it should have a sequel I cried and I laughed and a got scared buy it you won’t regret it


I don’t normally write reviews or buy games. But I was hooked from the start. Totally worth it. Couldn’t put it down. 10/10 recommend.

Says that it is free ($4.99 crossed out and says free since Oct, 18)

I thought that hitting the restore purchase worked, however that is NOT THE CASE... SAYS FREE... So I downloaded it played it to the triangle and it ASK ME TO PAY $4.99 ??? THIS SEEMS LIKE THE ORIGINAL UNDERHANDED BAIT AND SWITCH... Please let me know what to do...don’t want to give a 1 star, game is really cool so far... in the cave and Jonas and I seen the vision of some sort of ship maybe braking?) then it ask me to purchase? Please let others as well as myself know what to do?

Free Trial Update

Purchased this game for original App Store price. Very detailed, highly interactive game with encouragement of self-interpretation for every event or every choice. The new update, however, though it restores my purchase, freezes game at loading screen where I’m given option to continue. Please fix.

cannot restore purchase

After clicking restore purchase, the game crashes. I have tried 5 times

This was supposed to be free today 10/5

According to the article this was one of the 22 free apps; only now it’s seems you have to pay to unlock the game 😐 so not free after all...

Please update for iPhone X

Great game but the black bars are really annoying.

I wish I would have known...

I bought this game and it was exactly as I expected... Until I got to a certain part and you have to pay for the rest of the game. So for anyone that doesn’t want to pay an additional $5 don’t get this. I didn’t know if I should do 5 stars or one because it was really good until that.


I’m trying to listen to what they’re talking about but instead I have to keep cutting off the dialogue to interrupt with my choices, this is very annoying. I’m not sure why people think this is ok but whatever, I’ll gladly save my money for a good game.

Amazing/but one issue:Update IPHONE XS MAX SUPPORT

My one and only criticism is that you don’t have a lot of time to choose a response, and when you do then you talk over someone else who’s already talking (not all the time do this happen). Skybound is usually good with decision based games associated with dialogue (TellTale Series) This game is simply amazing. The story is so rich and engaging, that it’s down right a treat to play. I’m currently on my fourth play though of the game. It has multiple endings which make it have great replay value. I own this game on both my iPhone, and iPad. I recently purchased it again for Nintendo Switch where it’s so much better to control. Do yourself a favor... buy this game! Support iPhone xs Max

iPhone X

Absolutely unplayable on iPhone X. What’s that? Interface is so tiny. If you can’t stretch the game, make it edge-to-edge, then you are not deserve to be in AppStore!

Best IPhone Game Ever

I will have to say this game was hard to put down. The story line was such an amazing thriller. I highly recommend this game . Totally worth the money .

A pity, games these days.

The game itself is great, the format is not. I really miss the days when games didn't regularly crash. Part of it is "Apple"s fault because they don't care about proper software design anymore and continue to break interfaces and just expect everyone to pay another few grand every year because obviously only the most wealthy would have an apple product. I'm sure they don't make it easy for other software developers to "optimize" their product for iOS or OSX, but seriously, games did not used to crash like this! I'm not wealthy enough to own the latest iteration of every console so I can't speak for PS4 or XBox, but it wasn't that long ago that games didn't just crash regularly, repeatedly and leave you looking for answers with a shrug of "oh well" Obviously the answer is to no longer buy - excuse me, lease games in this format because we don't even really "own" any of this stuff when we spend money on it. To actually play this game guess I'm going to have to look for it on physical media since that is far more stable.

Best IOS game I’ve crossed so far!!!!!!

This game is amazing. The story is incredible it has decent graphics and fantastic endings. The choices of the game really changes the story, I like that A LOT. How you can repeat the story and to change the ending over and over is the best part of the game and especially how they made the main character(Alex) taking fault of the whole problem when it wasn’t was a great idea. I would recommend this game to people 10 and older.


I rarely ever write reviews for games, in fact I don’t think that I ever have, but I just had to make one for this! This was the first story based Indie game I’ve ever bought, and seeing how it was kind of expensive I had my doubts. But I’m so happy with the results. The game’s graphics are beautiful and I love the aesthetic, from the music to the scenery. I also think that the dialogue options are super cool, and I really liked how I could choose the timing, or had the option to not respond at all. I truly think this game is worth it if you’re looking for a story based game- the “puzzles” are pretty easy to figure out, but that was a positive for me because I hate getting stuck in a game. I also really liked how you could move freely around the map and choose how you wanted the story to progress. Overall, I have so many compliments for this game, and it’s opened my mind to buying games, as I feel like if they could all be like this then it would be worth it!

Great game that you can't finish

Awesome game but it crashes at the same point over and over just when I am about to enter the cave in the final part of the game and there are no auto saves. Really frustrating not being able to finish such a great game.

Text too small on iPhone: unplayable

I was really hoping to love this game, but I have zero hope of reading the dialogue options. The text is far too small, and unless it appears in a high-contrast context, I can barely make it out. Don't even get me started on the Morse code at the bottom of the screen that may (or may not!) be subtitles. I'm not sure. Wish I'd known this game doesn't accommodate aging eyes (or any kind of difficulty seeing) before purchasing it!

Amazing game

Wow this game is something. The writing, the voice acting, the gameplay, it was all great. And as soon as I finished it I had to go back and restart to see everything I missed. The game is full of branching storylines and hidden secrets not to mention *ominous static* and they all seemed to be okay but I don’t know, y’know? And don’t miss the *radio squeal* I just about jumped out of my pants when that happened. So it’s definitely worth the money. I mean just *squawk* Wow this game is something. The writing... Something’s not right. I think I’m gonna go lay down.

Incredible Game

I don’t know what to say. This game is incredible, from the graphics, to the characters, to the design. I wouldn’t have listed it under “horror”, and that’s coming from someone who hates horror games. It’s not exactly because it isn’t scary, it’s that I feel like the main point of a horror game is to scare you, while this game is more like a mystery with a highly developed plot. I also think that there isn’t a particular age rating on this game, but anyone below the age of 12 should ask an adult before playing it. There is some cursing, drug usage, and smoking, but it isn’t encouraging anything like that. This is an incredible game, and I highly recommended it.

There needs to be more games like this

I love this game it feels like the quality of a computer game but on a phone I wish more games like this

This game 😍

I rarely purchase games and I almost never write reviews, so that should start to explain how much I love this game. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the characters are incredible. This combined makes the game incredibly addictive! The choices you make in this game truly affect your gameplay which is in part what makes it so interesting. The game also has multiple endings which makes it so worth the money as you can play it again and again to see how the story will play out. 10/10 recommend !

Great story and gameplay

Once I started playing this, I couldn’t put it down. I was enraptured by the storyline, and the strange things that happened to the characters. I felt like I was going through the game myself, my heart pumping at random events. I highly recommend.


Great game it was REALLY entertaining and fun! The only problem was is that I couldn’t listen to it without headphones... but overall 5 ⭐️s. The animation is beautiful and I quite enjoyed it! Worth the money! 😁😁😁

A lot of non-stop talking

For someone who likes exploratory adventure games, the constant chattering and having to choose responses is quite annoying.

Oxenfree is a gem

Oxenfree is on of the best thriller, story-based games I’ve ever played. Would absolutely recommend.

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