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I love this game so much I bought it on all available platforms. Amazing. Truly.


This game is so boring, you don’t have to think, search for stuffs, try to solve a puzzle nothing and it’s so slow. The game will tell you want to do every time. Were to touch to find whatever you need to continue. No challenge at all. To stars just because os the graphics.

No a true “choose your own adventure”

The storyline is pre-built, choices don’t really influence what happens, dialogue is long and drawn out. Not much of a game.

Unexplainably Magnificent

Ok, the title of this review might seem a little nerdy, but holy sh*t. This game is amazing. The storyline is very creative, it just satisfied me, the way that the creators explained what was going on. And you might be hesitating because it isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth it, for real. It’s just awesome that these creators and this company worked together to create an awesome game like this. I personally love these types of games. I honestly and truly recommend this game to you. From the deepest part of my heart. Thank you for reading this. Peace!

Looks cool, but . . .

This looks like it could be a cool game. But you need to read a lot of response choices and pick one. Which would be fine, but they're in real time, so you have to act very fast, and they're so small that they're basically illegible, even on an iPhone X. The game would likely work on an iPad, but it's a waste of money on an iPhone as the info you need is just too small to read. And good God! The ever-present and loud music that makes it difficult to hear what the characters are saying and to concentrate on the plot! What game makers in this day and age don't give you the option of turning off the annoying music?! The ceaseless music is what drove me away from this game. I got suckered by Apple touting this game, but you don't have to fall for it. Avoid until optimized and there's a music off option!

No words to describe

This game is soooooooo awesome. It takes horror, sci fi, and thriller to a whole new level. I can’t stop playing!! 🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆😁😁


I've played this game over four times. There are great graphics, an amazing story line, and multiple little puzzles to solve things. There are a large variety of endings, and I was genuinely shocked when I got some of them. I won't spoil it for you. Buy the game and play it. You won't regret it.

Language support please

I bought it after reading very positive reviews. But as English is my second language, I have a problem to play it. I would appreciate if you guys support multiple language like Korean, Japanese something.

Holy balls that was amazing!

I have seldom become so immersed in a game. This is what every storytelling game wants to be. There are countless different story arcs to follow determined by every decision you make, and you have no idea which decisions lead where. Just incredible. Absolutely incredible.

I'm scared for my life

I wanted to try another Telltale Games-like game and I went to the app store. I got sucked into it and finished the game in 24 hours. I unlocked some achievements, and wanted to try another Telltale Games-like game and I went to the app store...

The game is not formatted for iphoneX

These kind of apps/games makes me wanna sell my iPhoneX or give up to buy any apps/games. APPLE if you are making this weird screen then you need to make sure that all these apps will fit to full screen!!! Com’on intelligent people at apple do SOMETHING!

Game for kids...

I’m in my 50s. This game is obviously designed for someone 1/2 my age (or less). I’m not good with the teen talk. Its a pity I spent the money on this game, for its just not what I had anticipated. A big waste of money. Deleted.

Best game I’ve ever played

This is hands down the most enjoyable game I have ever played, and well worth the asking price. I’ve run through the story multiple times, and each time I found some kind of bonus Easter egg. The characters, the dialogue, the story and the smooth beautiful graphics are a delight, and I recommend this to anyone. I am hoping the brilliant developers behind this make a sequel.

Love the game but a bug is stopping me from finishing it

I really love the game but I have been stuck at 5 AM for the past few days. Every time I open up the game and click continue, the 5 AM title appears and then the app crashes. I don't want to restart the game. I deleted a different app that took up a lot of space on my iPad to try and fix the issue, but the app still crashes every time I try to continue. Please fix it! Thank you.

Needs iPhone X update

Please update this for iPhone X resolution. 5 star awaits if you do.

Well worth the “time”

This game took me the course of a few months to finish. There is so much to absorb and you can easily get hooked on it that you could finish it a lot quicker but I took my time. The story, voice acting, choices and visuals are beyond what I could have expected from an app game. I struggle to download new app games, this is a one of a kind. Beautiful. I would shake the hands of everyone involved in the game if I could.

Very buggy for me

This is a great choose your own adventure game. I've enjoyed playing as much as I've been able to get through. It could be because of my phone's software version, but every time I try to enter the cave, the app crashes and I'm taken back to 5:30 am and this cycle repeats. Bummer because I would really like to finish the game.

Please lunch for Apple TV

I would love to see this game available on Apple TV! Thank you


I never, ever write reviews but had to comment on this game as it’s mesmerizing- could not put it down, literally; blew my entire Sunday finishing it in one sitting and I’m sorry it’s over... thinking of playing again making different decisions as you control the destiny but hoping to find another “choose your own adventure” like this- absolutely worth the $5 and this is coming from a middle aged mom who doesn’t waste money on silliness tho oxen free is far from silly. Bravo 👌👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

This Game is Amazing

This game is absolutely amazing the story, visuals and effects are mind blowing. I also like that everything you say or do changes the ending of the story. Because of that, I have played it many times and have found exciting every single time.

Love this game, Butt...

I love this game, it is extremely well made, but please update this game for iPhone X. I haven’t finished it, but it is extremely hard to see anything when it is so tiny on this screen.

Stuck with the annoying background music (revised)

After 10 minutes - past the early stages of the game - the music transforms into something melodic and engaging...but that becomes an afterthought. The game is so engaging. In one word it’s amazing. But don’t get me wrong, you either love it or hate it. There won’t be a middle ground. I loved it. Worthy of five stars. Thanks for creating this. Five minutes into the game, and I am already having a headache from the crap music. Some like to keep the music on in their games, I don’t. Give me the option to shut it off. Visuals are great so far. Story seems engaging. But until I can only hear the sound effects and dialogues, and nothing but, one star is more than enough.

It’s so good!

This game is so good! When I saw it, I contemplated buying it for $4.99. I was scared the money would go to waste, but it hasn’t. The game gives me some Life is Strange vibes. The graphics are amazing. Tbh, the game kinda scares me, but in a way that I wanna keep playing. The only issue that I have with the game is how fast the speech bubbles disappear. Like I’m a very slow reader so it’s hard to pick what to say when the speech bubbles disappear fast. Other than that, I love the game so much.

Nifty, but worthless

You can get similar, albeit lower budget, experiences on Newgrounds for free It’s a beautiful, lovely interactive piece, but there are much better ways to spend your money. Don’t believe me? Try replaying this once a week, start to end. It’s not a game, it’s a movie. A tediously paced indie movie. The world can do with less of this B to blow kind of game-lite design. You can scroll through the store right now and find games made 10 years ago with better replay value. All you get here is a voicing tech demo and cutscenes. All you’re doing is choosing ending cutscenes. The biggest interactive element of this app is what amounts to QTE, only there’s no timing involved. Save your cash for something that you’ll spend more than 2 hours on.


I am surprised by all the high ratings. I found it to be boring. It’s basically like watching tv but you get the randomly pick things for your character to say. Good graphics but it’s slow going. If you want someone to narrate a story for you then this is for you. If you like to play games involving puzzles or strategy then this is going to be a dud.

Not a fan

First thing the music is some sort of European techno junk, and it’s louder than the dialogue. Second, I am just to the beach and am tired of listening to the adolescent babble. Thirdly, am playing on an iPhone and the characters are drawn with just a few pixels. Not liking it so far but will give it another try after enough time has passed for me to get over paying $5 for it. Edit: I don’t think this is a game, it is more of an interactive story.

iPhone X support?????

Where’s the iPhone X support. Incredibly disappointed to buy this and open the app to a little screen. I hope they patch this so it can look good on iPhone X

I just want more

Love this game so much, it is interesting and spooky and cool. Just wish it was like 20 times longer!

This game... THIS game.

So, if you’re like me, you only buy app games once every couple of months, if that. But when you do, you spend a looooong time trying to find juuust the right one, so you don’t waste this golden opportunity of spending for pleasure. I wanted something with heart, with a strong story, multidimensional characters, and, most importantly, the ability to unnerve me. Lemme tell you: I found all that, and much more. It was difficult for me to even go to sleep after starting it. I had to force myself to put it down, and immediately gravitated towards it once I was awake again. And playing it at night? BONUS. Totally unnerved me, to the point I had to make one of my pet rats accompany me downstairs to get some water in the dark, put him on my shoulder and told him to play lookout. This game was sending chills down my spin, delicious, spin-tingling chills. I love being scared in the way this game does so well. And now that I’ve finished it for the first time? I want to start all over and try for another ending. It’s all so intriguing, that playing again for new results feels like a fresh adventure and not a chore. If you enjoy unnerving stories, Poltergeist, Stephen King, Stranger Things, scary stories to tell in the dark, and the like, then you’re gonna love this game. And yes, it’s worth the $4.99.

iPhone X update?

Really liking this game so far. Just wish it was optimized for the iPhone X. Would look much better if it used the entire screen.

More of a choose your own adventure than a game

It’s ok with good graphics, but gameplay is frustratingly slow to progress (could they at least run faster or stop babbling?!) and you don’t need to use your brain. Basically nothing much happens and literally every “puzzle” is solved exactly the same way. If not for the language, an 8 year old could play. It’s a video game version of a creepy choose your own adventure book. Good if you’re into that, many may be, but it doesn’t hold my interest. I am halfway done (mostly because I keep hoping for more to happen) but I won’t finish.

Please fix the crashing!

ETA: Several months later and no response and no update. Don't waste your money for this mobile game. It's definitely worth picking up on other platforms, which I have done since no one checks the reviews here! I want to give this a 5-star rating because it is a phenomenal game and I'm so impressed with how well crafted this game translates into playability for an iPhone. Unfortunately, I have been unable to play beyond 5AM.

Game crashes

I really, REALLY love this game. Unfortunately, I can't finish it because it keeps crashing. I entered the Facilities, it crashed, and now I can't even open it anymore. Please fix! I want to know how it ends! iPhone 6 iOS 11.2.5

Great game crushes to much

It’s awesome and I was really into it but, it crushed several times which is fine but this time at the end of the game it crushes and doesn’t work no matter how many times I’ve closed the game and reopen it I’m not happy I spent money on this game it’s been out this long and it doesn’t work

Very very happy 😊💛💛

I normally never write reviews, but this game is so moving I just had to. OXENFREE is not only gorgeous and has an amazing soundtrack, it also has really interesting game play, plot, and game mechanics. If you are loving for a cute indie game that is both insanely charming and terrifying at the same time, you’ve found your game ! 😊🙌🏻

Amazing Game!

I played his game when I was ten, and it was amazing. It’s rare wen there’s a game that boys and girls can both play, especially role playing. I can’t even tell you how many goosebumps or adrenaline rushes this app gave me!

love love LOVE this game

I know that mostly everyone is giving this game 5 stars, but I couldn’t help myself. It really is THAT good. I love how it features different options that can entirely change the outcome of the story. I’m not very fond of action games where you have to fight a villain or whatever. I mean there is still someone out there to get them and (never mind I really don’t want to spoil it). Instead, this game offers complex puzzles, smooth animation, engaging characters, and an intriguing story. Like I mean a REALLY intriguing story (and some backstory as well). I’ve tried to find other games like it, but failed to. There are very few games that are even remotely close to how good this game is. But my point is: Play. The. Game. (Like seriously you should)

it's not full screen and optimized

it's not full screen and optimized for iPhone x. Plz fix it


I loved this game!! It was super fun and kept me entertained. The characters are interesting and the story line is intriguing. It took me about 3-4 hours to finish. It’s not scary scary, but is just creepy enough to keep you on edge. The entire game was wonderfully done. The only complaint I might have is that sometimes when you’re getting from place to place it takes a long time to get there, so if there was as option to have them run faster that’d be helpful. But that doesn’t take away from the gameplay or story.

Music option please

It really bugs me that I sent a personal email to the developer regarding this problem , but no response came . If you don’t listen to music or find it annoying , then don’t buy this game . The music is so high that you can’t concentrate on what the characters r saying . Fix it please . I don’t even see why my request is so hard . Giving an option like that wouldn’t harm anyone !


This game is fantastic! For some reason it gives me limbo vibes with a pinch of life is strange. Besides this game is a masterpiece and has a great storyline with gorgeous art.


This game is marketed as a “choose your story” but the story is heavily guided. If you choose the wrong way you have to restart the entire level and try the other options in hope of picking the right one. What’s worse is that I am now stuck at a checkpoint that is not allowing me to pass. I’m not provided with the information and dialogue needed to complete the level and am not allowed to try a different level. Not worth 5 dollars.

Finished and I love it!

Update: OMG! I wish this story was longer!!! Or had multiple chapters!!!! It was so incredible. I want to play it again but I already know how it happens 😩 but really a great story. Loved every second. —————————————— I’m no where near finished, but this game is AMAZING. I have not been able to stop! The storyline is so incredible. It’s made me jump a couple of times. I wish there were more ways to describe how great it is. Definitely worth the purchase!

Excellent but not relaxing

The game is great and the graphics are everything. However, it is very challenging and not the first game to go to, if you just want something easy with nice graphics

Won't download on my iPad

I paid for the game and it won't download on my iPad, which is up to date. This NightSchool company seems to have zero customer service. What do I do?

Best game I’ve ever played

This is by far the best game I’ve ever played. I would love to see so much more. Maybe a second game which would be part two. I would also love to see more horror/mystery in it. I’ve told so many people I know about how amazing this game is. I hope to see a part 2 soon.

Amazing game with one problem

The IPhone 5s and 6 problem you said was fixed with the last update is still there. Every time I go to enter the cave at the end of the game it crashes. I've tried restarting my phone and even making different choices leading up to that point but it always crashes in the same spot. I don't want to discourage people from getting the game though, because the story is still amazing and the game play is very unique. I hope this can be fixed soon.

Good, but the loading...

The loading takes forever. That’s my only problem. The black screen that says OXENFREE on it between scenes? I think it’s up for a ridiculous amount of time.. Otherwise, I’m completely addicted even though I don’t like paranormal/creepy games!

Simply perfect game

Highly recommended to all who enjoy a wonderfully made adventure game


This game is a really good game and it’s one of my favorite games. Took up most of my space but I’m fine with that😂. But a thing I really want to be included in this game is a new campaign of sorts. Like maybe update it and add a new story, with new characters but still linking to the old ones. I’m probably just dreaming but anyways it’s rlly fun.

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