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This game is a really good game and it’s one of my favorite games. Took up most of my space but I’m fine with that😂. But a thing I really want to be included in this game is a new campaign of sorts. Like maybe update it and add a new story, with new characters but still linking to the old ones. I’m probably just dreaming but anyways it’s rlly fun.

I phone x compatibility

Do you think you guys could update it to wrap around the I phone x’s screen?

Reporting late game crash

Ok so im loving this to death and really wish I can rate it a 5 star due to its awesome characterization and graphic quality (mostly). But Im experiencing this late game crash, and I cannot fully enjoy this game if I can't finish it. Im playing on an Iphone 6s. It happened after Alex and Jonas connected the radio with the station broadcast thing where Nona and Ren were at and we were heading towards the bomb shelter, just as I entered Epiphany Field (from the bridge stand i think), the game crashed, forcefully kicking me out of the game. I've tried 5 times but it kept crashing. Can this be fixed? If not can I get my money back? Or do I have to contact Apple for this? I've also sent an email to Oxenfree support.

Annoying music

How do I turn off the annoying background music.....I hate music playing in a game

Great game but...

The game itself is amazing. I love the graphics and the story line but it keeps crashing. At first it wasn't a huge problem for me but now it keeps crashing at the science that I'm in. Can you fix that please?

Best game ever (read all)

This is literally the best game ever, suspenseful, entertaining, thrilling, beautiful, creepy, fun, addictive. the graphics we’re amazing and the scrip was amazingly written. The voices of the cast were to well fit. When it was over it was really sad cuz it was an amazing game. You guys need to add on another series!!!! Please!!!! (5 dollars for only one series seems sorta expensive and unreasonable) i hope you guys decide to write more of these ;) and maybe let us choose what character to be. But I loved this game so much

Absolute Masterpiece

This game is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is a MUST HAVE.

Love it!

This game is really cool and interesting I definitely recommend getting it!


I'm really upset and frustrated. This game would be getting 5 stars if I could've finished it. When I try to enter the cave in the bomb shelter, it kicks me out of the game. I've tried three times. I really hope this is fixed soon so I can finish it.

Basically interactive novel

This is not for someone who wants to actively (while sitting on their couch) solve puzzles, interact with stuff, etc. Story is told through characters while you walk around. It’s got a great graphics and the story’s cool but you don’t really do anything. Also some of the characters talk too much, holy cow.

When will great to iPhone X

When will have full screen

Needs audio controls, longer response time for dialogue

I’m struggling to get into this game as I find it difficult to keep up. The music overwhelms the dialogue since there are no volume controls. In addition, the time given to engage in conversations is too short.

Best IOS game I’ve crossed so far

This game is amazing. The story is incredible it has decent graphics and fantastic endings. The choices of the game really changes the story, I like that A LOT. How you can repeat the story and to change the ending over and over is the best part of the game and especially how they made the main character(Alex) taking fault of the whole problem when it wasn’t was a great idea. I would recommend this game to people 12 and older.

Didn’t waste my $$$ on it!

After I read the reviews for Oxenfree I knew I had to have it! It doesn’t disappoint me! Best 5 dollars spent on a game!


Such a boring game. The interpersonal story is uninteresting, to say the least. Excellent graphics and sound, nicely produced. I think it could be a great platform for a more exciting story, sans the awful teenage interpersonal story here.

Do not buy for New Ipad

Accidentally purchased this app intended to but limbo, fought with apple to get refund, still nothing, figured well see if its decent since no refund, what a joke literally no sound no audio at all on ipad 2017.


I was skeptical about this game at first, seeing as I had to purchase it, but this is definitely worth it if you like indie role play games. The art and scenery is beautiful and the story makes the game all the more better. With a hint of the paranormal and spooky events that take place in the story along with the whole teenage feel to the story makes this one of the best games I have ever played.

crashing. please fix the crashing!!

Oxenfree is one of my favorite games of all time. i love the story, i love the characters, i love the concept of using the radio to communicate with the paranormal. i love everything about it, except the crashing. it's basically ruined it for me. i'm so close to the end of the game, probably at the last stage, and the game just crashed. no matter how many times i try, it crashes at the same spot. not only that, you don't have a manual save feature, so i have to go through at least an extra 5 minutes of dialogue to get to the final stage, and the game just crashes again. please, developers, just please fix the crashing bug! i just want to finish your lovely game. if it wasn't for it, i would give 5 stars. just please fix the crashing at the final stage. i'm begging you.

Worth it

Overall the game itself is great... Nice story and very interesting. The characters were all very realistic and there was always a choice that I could pick... Now the choice bubbles are awful. They disappear before a character has finished what they were going to say and if you choose an option before the character finishes then it cuts off the character! So miss your chance to say something or cut off some of the dialogue! Other than that.. Great, beautiful, and the music! The voice acting! PLAY IT WITH HEADPHONES!!!! I will probably go back and play with some fancy headphones to get the ultimate experience. I played the whole thing through in.. at least more than three hours. So it wasn’t too long or short in my opinion. Also has replay ability (obviously) which is definitely a plus! If you are considering this game... BUY IT!

This is the best game ever

It's like.. I don't know what to say, many secrets ending, and I ship Jonas and Alex because I brought Michael back :)

Understanding & Overall!

I’ve just started the game, but have already spent about 2-3 hours playing this game. The game is a tiny smidge hard to understand at first, but the game has thrown me on a rollercoaster so far! This game is really for those who want a classic horror story. The games not to the point where it’s terrifying, but I don’t recommended it for those who absolutely HATE supernatural/paranormal involvement. The only thing I don’t like is that to get to a certain place, you have a to travel across the island. I get that it kind of takes away from the whole aspect, but it would be nice if I could just tap a location on the map and travel there quickly. That’s really my only complaint. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys supernatural/paranormal topics, adventure, etc. Really glad Edward Islands isn’t a real place. If it was, I’d never go there. I’m not the type of teenager who enjoys drinking and going to haunted abandoned islands. It’s a good that I can do this through a game and not in real life! I’d really like to thank humanity for creating video games! Just hope that we don’t get a case of Jumanji. That would be problematic...


This game was amazing... suspenseful, spooky, emotional, and fun. PLEASE CREATE A SEQUEL!!! There’s nothing else like this that I know of... most choose your own adventure apps are corny and just plain dumb... this was fun, addicting, and spooky without the nightmares LOL. Idk why more people don’t know about this..? But yes PLEASE tell me you’re working on a sequel!!!



The best game I've played in 2017

I've not yet finished it but it is a piece of virtual art. Like a telltale game your choices shape your experience but with the radio puzzle mechanic it is a masterpiece. This is a game worth three times the price. Get it.


I have been Looking for a game that was mysterious happy funny heart warming and creepying with somewhat jump scares and well this game did more than fill the bill though I still don’t really understand the overall point of the werid aliens but I looovvvvveee it soooooo mucch!!!! CREATORS THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH HOPE THERE IS A SEQUAL THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME ANF MONEY ONCE YOU START YOU WILL NOT STOP!!!!

I love this game!... BUT!

Listen, I know you've seen reviews like this a whole bunch of times before, but this game is beautiful, story-wise and graphics-wise. I love how you can feel like the words you say actually influence the story and change relationships. However, on the subject of dialogue, it would be great if you (devs) could let the speech bubbles for Alex stay until the person speaking is finished. Sometimes you don't get the full gist of what others are saying if they don't finish, but you can't say something to change what's happening if you listen to the whole sentence, and that kinda gets me ticked. I guess that's what the subtitles are for, but it's just a thought. Also, I am on 5 am after the call-and-response signal to the bomb shelter (if you've played, you'll know what I'm talking about), in the fields, I think. As it was saving, the game crashed. I didn't think much of it, it had happened several times before as I went to another area, but when I got back on, the screen showed 5 am in its squiggly script, the screen panned down and the screen shrank to its "theatrical" setting that happens when you go to the edge of an area like normal, and... The screen froze, and the game crashed-- again. I've tried it several times since then, with the same result. I can't continue the game until I find a loophole to this glitch or until it's patched, and I'm majorly PO'ed, but not enough to lose a star. Basically, if you've been skipping to the good points to find the main stuff, here it is:1) the dialogue is good, but please, if you could, make Alex's speech bubbles linger for a while longer, 2) MAIN SUBJECT: PLEASE FIX THE 5AM GLITCH!! Not angry (well, yeah, I am), just also frustrated that I can't continue the game until it's fixed. I know you didn't mean to have that glitch (no dev does), and I know you've fixed others in the past, but this one has popped up, and it's a major problem. Devs, please listen on this one. I love the game, its story, the little bits of romance and conflict (and possession), but I really don't like the 5 am glitch. UPDATE! I updated my IPad mini 2 to the new IOS 10.something, and the 5 am glitch was fixed. The dialogue issue is still pretty annoying, but I'll deal with it. I desperately hope the recent lack of updates means that they're making another game that's as good as this. Thanks for listening.

Dialogue is the worst

The dialogue in the game makes you want to kill all your so called friends. So annoying and BORING.


I’ve played this game before and it was okay but I never finished it so wanted to give it another go. Will this game be optimized for iPhone X at any point??

Beautiful but buggy

This is a very well-crafted game, but my character keeps getting stuck in the “climbing” animation at the top of a wall. I can’t get past it, it’s a very annoying bug.


That has got to be one of the single most best games I’ve ever played. It has such a good theme, and every part of it makes my heart race with excitement. I have not put my IPad down since I started. I am completely shocked about how great this is. And the end made me scream out of my mind. IT WAS GREAT BUT UPSETTING! Also my game was a hole lot different from the video. Did I do something wrong ‘cause the video seems fun too, now that I look at it.

15 out of 10

By far the best game I’ve ever played on


Absolutely fantastic favorite iOS game I finished the game in about 6 hours but it was absolutely worth the money

Great, but broken, game

I would have rated this game much higher, as it features a compelling cast and story, except that the quality control behind this product is abysmal. It crashes to the home screen frequently, which is bad enough, but even worse is that it is impossible to finish this game, at least on an iPhone 5s. It always crashes when entering the cave from the bomb shelter, which is what I'm presuming their "late game" bug fix in 2.6.4 was supposed to have rectified.

Love this game

The story is just so beautiful not to mention the ending which I’m not going to spoil. I keep replaying it! Thank you for making this game!!! 🐑🐑🐑🐑

Game crashes at 6am every time

Adore the game and story, but I can't finish it. The app crashes every time when Alex is about to enter the cave from the bomb shelter. I've tried everything to fix it including updating and reinstalling. Would love to get to the end 🙃

Language/dialogue unbearable

Not 12+ and offensive for Christians. Jesus, Christ, and God are primary expletives and I’ve only been through about 30 min of the game. Dialogue is annoying and seemingly irrelevant; dialogue bubble with “stop talking” would be nice. Background music is way too loud with no on/off or volume option. Visuals and concept seem neat but I don’t want to continue regardless.


I JUST finished playing this and I say this was the MOST AWESOME AND INTENSE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!!!!if I could give more stars I would give 100!!If the creator is reading this,PLEASE make more of this!!i would love to see more.this works perfectly on iPad and iPhone and not glitchy at all,very impressive!!you did a awesome job.🤯😇

It's sooo worth it!

If you have any doubts, set them aside! I just purchased the game today, as it came up in my recommendations and it did not disappoint! I've played through (this masterpiece) only once, and I plan to play again for a different story/ending. Believe me, there is so much more to this game than you'd think. I personally love it !

Mysterious and Amazing

When I first started the game, I didn’t know what to expect and thought I was going to be bored. Then when I got to part where we were at the bonfire, I became more engaged with the cattiness of the dialogue. The cave was the best starting point to where I procrastinated the rest of my day playing such a masterpiece. I LOVE a good mystery, and I enjoyed it till’ the end. The only thing that bothered me was when I got lost and had to turn around, and the characters would walk so slow. I mean not slow slow, but my eyes would twitch every now and so, because I was VERY engaged to get to the next part. But it was worth it. Made the game longer, made it worth my money. I highly recommend this game. It’s a bummer the game had to end!

Not for adults

The dialog is juvenile. The music is overpowering and there is no option to turn down the music without also turning down the speech, terrible. This game may be enjoyable by some but nobody I know. Overall this game was so irritating that I could not finish more than 15 minutes of it. Very disappointing.

Game Saving

Can’t save Game Data on iCloud Game Center! WHY?

Game Glitches Ruin

This is a wonderful game. Interactive, beautiful aesthetic. But glitches cause the main character to freeze in the forest scene and then the game might as well be over. You can select directions for the character to go, but she doesn’t respond. And a hard reset of the game doesn’t change this, same thing happens again when the game restarts itself.

Amazing. Sticks with you.

I played this game to the end months ago, and I find myself still thinking about it. I think about the characters and the story often. Normally I’m not the type to replay a game, especially a long one. But knowing that you can choose different prompts and paths to take makes me want to jump back in and relive this wonderful game. The gameplay is very well set up and adds to an intense game. I highly recommend. This was a beautiful, eerie, and very well thought out game.

Please support iPhone X

I’ve had oxenfree on my iphone 8 plus since it launched the appstore but I didn’t find a chance to start playing it, I know it’s a masterpiece, Now that I’ve upgraded my iphone to the X, I’m willing to start playing the game, but still no support, Please do me the favor and I would be thankful.

Simply the best game on iOS I’ve ever played

Beautifully done. The story, voice acting, music & sound, visuals... everything was top notch.

Great game...

**SPOILERS INCLUDED IN REVIEW** Overview: Wonderful graphics, storyline, and had a great deal of character development throughout the story. Alex, the protagonist, is a rebel-like character who joins her new step-brother, Jonas, and best friend, Ren, who has a friendly, funny personality. Before their fateful night begins, we are also introduced to Nona and Clarissa. The five of them relaxed on the beach until they decide to explore the cave. So begins the story... Characters find themselves battling ghosts who hunt them, until they are fully possessed. It’s only a matter of time before it’s too late. What I didn’t like: Pretty confused. The storyline does not include any of the scenes in the app preview. I’ve played the game at least five times, trying to find any possible way to change the ending. At this point, I think the scenes in the preview don’t exist. So don’t make the mistake I did and try to find the scenes. Because of this, I’m giving it four stars. Yet I’d highly recommend this game to anyone.

One of my favorites!

I had the most fun playing this! I feel like I spend all my time on the App Store searching for a way to re-experience my favorite games. If you like this game, you might like the Sorcery! series, another favorite. Enjoy!


Premise: A group of teenagers go to an island to get trashed and weird things happen. The characters seem pretty one-dimensional. I couldn’t really care about any of them. The dialogue was sooo boring and you’re not really given enough time to select what to say. Navigating was annoying, tapping to move here and there. Everything is so tiny... you can’t even see the characters’ faces. I didn’t love this game but I was intrigued enough to play through the whole thing.

Horrible and has a glitch 😒

It keeps skipping and cutting off when you get to the cave part and I can't get past that this is now a horrible game everyone don't get it . It's not a good game

wow, just...Wow

I saw a reviewer say this was nothing like they’d ever played before and I second that. I haven’t had a game that made me this eager to come back to the story in a long time. We are in the heyday of 80’s Spiritual Revival and I feel like this could’ve been a great movie in my childhood, only now I get to play it. 10 Stars!

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