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Great game however the game keeps crashing at the scene when Alex gets to the bomb shelter... 😑

Great Game

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It’s unique and keeps you captivated. I loved the format.


Anticlimactic. Drawn out. Tedious. This game had lots of potential but just didn't hit the mark. Sadly disappointing. Such a strong build up for such little pay off with a very messy storyline.

Not compatible with my iPad Mini 😔

My current sofware is 9.3.5, and it doesn't download 😫 I haven't played it since I bought it 😩😩

Tedious...Buyer’s Remorse

The vast majority of your time in this game is spent walking or climbing between locations. If there had been a free trial I never would have purchased it.

Still crashes

Your last update says you fixed the late game crash, but on my 5s the game crashes every time I try to get into the caves via the bunker. I've tried it like 6 times, I've reset my phone. I'm super bummed, I want to be able to finish the game. I'll keep it and check for updates, if you fix it I'll update my review.

Great Story

Like the title, i loved the story and how complex the consequences of choices can make. Nothing is perfect though. There were some minor bugs that’s kinda took out my immersion in the game but it wasn’t enough for me to get bothered.

The update keeps making it crash

I got the new update like two days ago and now it won't let me get past a certain point because it keeps crashing. Please come out with a better more reliable update that actually prevents the game from crashing instead of just saying it does because the update was suppose to keep it from crashing but it's doing a really bad job of preventing it.

Amazing game

Amazing game amazing story everything about this game is amazing how you pick your own decisions and everything I recommend this game the only thing I didn't like about it was that it sucked up a lot of battery charge but it's understandable for a game that good it's worth every penny

Unstable but cool game

I love this game but it crashes a lot and I can't get it to progress past the "5:00 a.m." point in the game at all. It just crashes every time the game loads at that point. Tried hard restart, deleting and reinstalling, starting the game over from the beginning; nothing works. Still stuck at "5:00 a.m." Hoping they fix this in a future update.

Good graphics

It’s more like watching a movies. This is kit adventure game. No puzzle. You never stuck thinking what to do. The game always lead you instantly and even gives you instructions what to do either on the map or by the characters. Great graphics and dialogue but not for someone who likes the challenging adventure games.

Best freaking game ever

This game brings tears to my eyes, when I first saw it on the App Store, I knew I had to have it, To anyone who doesn’t know if they should buy it, buy it.

I friggin LOVE this game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is probably the best choose your own story game EVER! It’s like a mixture of puzzle, horror, rpg, choose your own story, thing. What I’m trying to say it’s sort of the experience that’s worth it. Also, your choices actually count! For example just saying one measly sentence can make someone die, make someone extremely angry at you, or just make the whole world explode💥. It’s actually really hard to explain the game itself so I beg of you to buy this game, play it 24/7, and then give it five stars, then play it 24/7 AGAIN for a different ending!


You’ll hate yourself for buying this trash game. Fake reviews. Awful


I an honestly trying to find a problem with this app, its very hard to criticize because it's perfect the music and the emotion in this app drew me in the moment I opened it. AMAZING APP, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! I hate to be the person who says its very amazing and lists things that could be better on the app, but I honestly think there should be a chapters place we’re you can go back to where you made a mistake and fix it, i hope im not asking too much.

Pretty good game

Good game


It's awesome better than anything you'll buy on the App Store. Time travel, alternate endings, great story, tense scenes, you can't go wrong.

Game keeps crashing; Unable to progress

Only bad news lies ahead I've been getting crash issues when moving from one area to the next, though I can still reload the game and carry on. But now, I am stuck Epiphany fields at 5 AM, trying to get to the caves. Whenever I load the game and press continue, the frame rate drops and goes on for 3 seconds before crashing. This has completely halted my progress in this wonderful game. I know that I could probably restart the game, but that would mean losing an hour of progress and all my decisions. I have done research online but it seems that the issue has only been resolved on Steam/PC. I am playing on an IPad mini 2 with iOS 10.

Awesome game I have ever played

I really do recommended to get this game wasting those 5$ was so worth it gosh I just love it the ending ugh I wish there was more it was really good if I was you you should get it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻


I love the game until I'm entering the cave to get to the boat and close the rip and it force closes every time! Don't know what to do. It all happened after I updated a few days ago. Love this game and I'm super disappointed and I can't finish it :(

Avoid the iPad version

The game itself is great as all the other reviews have said. However I recommend playing it on a system other than the iPad. The game was not properly adapted to the iPad aspect ratio. Often characters will be talking to or referencing someone that is cut off the screen. I was confused by this numerous times throughout the game. Play this on a widescreen if possible.

Game is phenomenal but....

Ok....it PAINS me to give it two stars but I'm having constant issues with the game crashing after *SPOILER (sorta)* Jonas and Alex enter the bomb shelter and they tune the radio. Once he disappears and she enters the cave, after a few seconds of loading the game freezes and crashes. When I start the game back up, it goes back about 5ish min. I don't know what to do and I really want to finish the game! Please help/fix this!!! Thanks

Love this game

The graphics are pretty good, the voices are done very well, the story was really good too. It has multiple endings and I didn't have any issues on my iPhone 6s with lagging, crashing, etc. I love that this isn't a game where I'm stressed about having to kill things, while those games are fun sometimes you just want something less stressful. I wish there were more games like this! Make more please!!

Save button (SPOILERS)

Hi, I am almost done with the game. So yesterday I had to go to bed, and went up to the part where )SPOILER ALERT) Clarissa was possessed in the house and told Alex that she should help them. Well today I wanted to start playing, but it restart to the place where they just found the house. I am fine with playing it again, and I don't know if I'm missing something, but a manual save button would be nice. Otherwise, AMAZING GAME. THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN BUT GAMES ARE ART. THIS STORY US SO CREATIVE AND SO BEAUTIFULLY CREEPY.


Just brilliant

This game is pretty good

I have played this game so many times over and it’s great, highly recommended

New Favorite Game, AMAZING

1st of all, this game is crazy amazing. I never expected what I was getting. I bought it's because it looks cool, I usually don't like games from afar but this one did not disappoint. Not one bit. From the beautiful artwork to the relationships you get to make, this game has me amazed that it's only 5 dollars and it's on the phone. It's awkward humor had me laughing to myself, even when things got bad. Just love love love it.


I'm gonna be honest here...this wasn't worth 3.99. It was cool how you could pick and choose what to say but overall, the game was very drab...

Best Game

I love these types of games but I usually find them on my computer I was happy to find it on the app store! Its so worth playing

Creepy but Amazing!

One of the most unique games I've ever played.


Got this game cause of buzzfeed "worth it"... and will leave a better review once I have played haha

Fantastic story driven game

I've just finished my first play-through. This is one of the best iOS games I've seen in awhile. It looks beautiful, has an eerie soundtrack, a great story, and the decisions you make actually do matter. It is basically an interactive story. There are other ways that you can delve deeper into the story if you want, but it's not really required to get thru the game. I feel like maybe negative reviews are coming from people who expected a different type of gameplay, or didn't bother to explore the background of the story much (??). Don't want to give anything away, but there is definitely a good replay value with this game.

Amazing. Sticks with you.

I played this game to the end months ago, and I find myself still thinking about it. I think about the characters and the story often. Normally I’m not the type to replay a game, especially a long one. But knowing that you can choose different prompts and paths to take makes me want to jump back in and relive this wonderful game. The gameplay is very well set up and adds to an intense game. I highly recommend.

Cool game, but...

I really like the story, but it got a little preachy with comments like "..they're like toys that can kill" when referring to firing a gun. I play video games to get away from the FB echo chamber. I'm only a bit of the way through but it's a bit of a turnoff. Would have had five stars otherwise. As I said, the story is fine. It reminds me a bit of Myst but more interactive, and has that same "Kings Quest/LLL" feel from the 80's and 90's adventure video games. The music really sets the mood and the graphics are perfect for the story.

More like this

I absolutely fell for this app! It's the good amount of creepy and drama. Honestly the creators of this app need to make more apps like this!!! Come on NIGHT SCHOOL STUDIO make more apps!!!


This is one of the most charming games I've ever experienced in my life. Love it. Hearts.

Best game ever

I would rate this game 100 stars if I could. This game is so fun and creepy. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL FOR THIS GAME. I thought it was going to be pricey but omg it was worth every cent. At first it starts off with normal teenage drama but gen characters start to get possessed and ghosts talk to you then hell gets loose. Omg just get it and make a sequel please!!!


So this game has the best storyline i have ever seen before!!! This game is worth $5. Honestly it is the best story game ever. Ive been recommending this game to all of my friends and i hope to whoever reads this, to buy it Now because there are not enough words to explain how amazing this is... peace out homie!!

Good game, buggy

I got it because of buzzfeed, it's a good game with great story. I kept running into glitch. First time running, after Alex thought she saw Ren drown, Ren and Nona just stood there and didn't interact, while second time I played, they talked to me. A few times I couldn't get off stairs, it kept making me clime back onto the ladder or cliff. When I finally got the good ending, I tuned radio to music, Ren didn't speak at all. I had to restart the game and it made me play all over again. All this is so annoying, please fix.

A must buy!

I usually don't enjoy mobile games but this, this is an absolute masterpiece. It is a walk and talk game that has a great story/ great twist/ and apparently multiple endings. OXENFREE is worth every cent and more. I highly recommend this game!

Really well done

Great writing on the story

Best game Ever!!

I love this game and would play it for days!!

Don't pass this up

I've never played a game like this in my life. It's worth every penny and I would have regretted not playing this game for the rest of my life. Amazing story telling and characters. A definite must play.

Creepy, Suspenseful, Amazing

This was probably one of the best games I've downloaded on my phone


Was skeptical at first. I downloaded it one day ago and I'm already addicted. I start to play and never want to stop. It's THAT good.

One of a kind... Playing it again and again

This is one of those game that you'll never forget playing. I've been playing this over the summer on PS4 and just HAD to buy it on iOS so I could play it again, which you'll TOTALLY want to do after you finish it for the first time. Mind blowing. This game is worth almost 10x its price on here. This game is truly one of a kind. Check out the soundtrack, too!!! That, the graphics, sequence of the story....absolutely beautiful. 10/10

Different but in a good way

This game was a very good one, very detailed and very well made. I do think there should've been more time allowed for some decisions but I suppose that's where it gets some of its charm. All in all I can't wait to see all of the other potential outcomes!


Totally amazing game.

Best game you will ever play

Absolutely love the game! You really feel a connection to the characters and the story is just amazing! I would recommend this game to everyone and anyone! Best game ever!

Kinda cool I guess but it gives me headaches

Maybe it's all the radio noise, but it was giving me a bad headache playing this game. It's written pretty nice, I was playing this in the dark and it freaked me out a few times.

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