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Simply the best game on iOS I’ve ever played

Beautifully done. The story, voice acting, music & sound, visuals... everything was top notch.

Great game...

**SPOILERS INCLUDED IN REVIEW** Overview: Wonderful graphics, storyline, and had a great deal of character development throughout the story. Alex, the protagonist, is a rebel-like character who joins her new step-brother, Jonas, and best friend, Ren, who has a friendly, funny personality. Before their fateful night begins, we are also introduced to Nona and Clarissa. The five of them relaxed on the beach until they decide to explore the cave. So begins the story... Characters find themselves battling ghosts who hunt them, until they are fully possessed. It’s only a matter of time before it’s too late. What I didn’t like: Pretty confused. The storyline does not include any of the scenes in the app preview. I’ve played the game at least five times, trying to find any possible way to change the ending. At this point, I think the scenes in the preview don’t exist. So don’t make the mistake I did and try to find the scenes. Because of this, I’m giving it four stars. Yet I’d highly recommend this game to anyone.

One of my favorites!

I had the most fun playing this! I feel like I spend all my time on the App Store searching for a way to re-experience my favorite games. If you like this game, you might like the Sorcery! series, another favorite. Enjoy!


Premise: A group of teenagers go to an island to get trashed and weird things happen. The characters seem pretty one-dimensional. I couldn’t really care about any of them. The dialogue was sooo boring and you’re not really given enough time to select what to say. Navigating was annoying, tapping to move here and there. Everything is so tiny... you can’t even see the characters’ faces. I didn’t love this game but I was intrigued enough to play through the whole thing.

Horrible and has a glitch 😒

It keeps skipping and cutting off when you get to the cave part and I can't get past that this is now a horrible game everyone don't get it . It's not a good game

wow, just...Wow

I saw a reviewer say this was nothing like they’d ever played before and I second that. I haven’t had a game that made me this eager to come back to the story in a long time. We are in the heyday of 80’s Spiritual Revival and I feel like this could’ve been a great movie in my childhood, only now I get to play it. 10 Stars!


I guess I just missed it but being a pretty avid gamer this just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s more an interactive story than a game. The production quality is good and I could see where it would appeal to some people as a story. I just couldn’t muster the interest to finish but did manage to play about two thirds of it before boredom got me. I really wanted to like this game more than I did and gave it a fair shot but I guess point and click adventure games just aren’t my thing. Certainly a lot of people really liked this game and it got great reviews on many different platforms. It’s probably more about my preference in games then the quality of the game. For me three stars. Great presentation, voice acting and production quality. Controls are fine on the iPad, the game is just not my thing. Also, I would imagine this would be next to impossible to see on a phone. The characters are very small compared to the overall scene (with no way to zoom in) on an iPad. They would be dust specks on a phone screen.

No IPhone X Support

Bought this for the iPhone X and it does not support the full screen. Totally kills the experience with black bars on the sides. Please update this soon, otherwise I’ll just refund it .

Not for the short-timer.

I like to play app games in spurts 5-10 minutes. This game has milestone saves but you’ll have to restart if you leave in the middle of exchanges. Also, the music is repetitive and you cannot turn off the musics. I enjoyed the music for the first 5 minutes and then decided, it would be awesome to at least turn down the music volume. Those are my major gripes. I love the flow/function/path of the game, I just cannot get passed those two things.

Relaxed and atmospheric

If you are looking for challenging puzzles or an incredibly long play time- don’t look here. But OXENFREE really sunk it’s teeth into me. The story and characters are incredibly compelling, and it gives you plenty of reasons to keep replaying the story line. The sound track is also incredibly done. I don’t usually listen to soundtracks, especially from video games, but I have this one on download from Spotify. Recommend!


If you're debating on getting the app, maybe wondering whether it's worth the money, if it's worth the time... stop. Just get it. You won't regret it.

NOT 12+ More like Mature Audiences

So I settled in to watch this with my son who is close to 12 and we had to bail out when all it talked about was beer, licking body parts that aren’t generally licked, and more... Also, ignoring the fact that it is mis-rated and implies that it is appropriate for far younger audiences than it actually is, the game play feels very rushed. The thought/conversation bubbles barely appear and you have to choose one very quickly. It creates as tension that takes some of the fun out of the game. The dialog isn’t very realistic either. The background music is loud and bad and I couldn’t find a way to adjust the volume of the background music anywhere. Load screens are boring and load times are long on my iPad Pro. I can only imagine on an older, slower device. This had the potential to be a pretty cool app. But it falls short in too many areas.

Need help

I'm obsessed with this game but the app has seemed to stop working. I'm at 5am in the story and the app will no longer load. I'm afraid the only thing to do is to delete the app and re download but I don't want to start all over. I emailed the game company's website with no response. Any help?

Cannot finish--except on iOS 11

[edited] Works only for iOS 11, should say so Has some timing and interface issues, as other reviewers have said, but pretty good [rating updated] —— Crashes at cave re-entry late in game (after 5:30a), cannot finish. iPhone 6, iOS 10, v2.6.311

A true work of art,

The journey in which we are brought on is one that could only be described as Brilliant And or Unique There are far to many wonderful qualities from this amazing game, the realistic like qualities of the dialogue between characters, the available responses, the breathtaking artwork, the fantastic story line, and the truly astonishing soundtrack in which adds such suspense and or emotion, Words cannot describe the true creativity of this wonderful story and this unknown other world, Bravo!

App Crashes!

I absolutely lived this game. Don't get me wrong. The story line is great and it's really fun to play. However, I made it all the way to 5 AM, the game was intense, and now it won't load at all and just crashes. I tried everything and looked for app support and couldn't find it. So I can't rate it high because I have no idea how it ends!!!!! It's a bummer because this game was so awesome! It crashed some before but it would open right back up. So frustrating 😢

Needs iPhone X update

Great game loving it. I am just hoping for an iPhone X update

an experience you'll never forget

The art and story line are beautiful the music ties in to create the whole experience this is the best experience you will ever have in a mobile app game.

I've played this at least 10 times

I love this game! I want the before story to be turned into a game as well.

Won’t download

I paid for the game and it will not download. I have tried multiple times and made sure I had ample room to install game. Went to site for app support and there is nothing there. If the game Oxenfree is a game of deleting apps to make room, downloading an app multiple times and the frustration of trying to figure out where to go after you spent $5 then I would give it 5 stars but I’m just not into strategy/pure frustration games right now.

I love this game!... BUT!

Listen, I know you've seen reviews like this a whole bunch of times before, but this game is beautiful, story-wise and graphics-wise. I love how you can feel like the words you say actually influence the story and change relationships. However, on the subject of dialogue, it would be great if you (devs) could let the speech bubbles for Alex stay until the person speaking is finished. Sometimes you don't get the full gist of what others are saying if they don't finish, but you can't say something to change what's happening if you listen to the whole sentence, and that kinda gets me ticked. I guess that's what the subtitles are for, but it's just a thought. Plus, during the "test" set by the ghosts (players will get it), I cant actually locate what they're telling me to get, even when I know where it is. Of course, it gives me the feeling like the ghosts rigged it, but it kills, and I don't know if things could have been different if I'd actually found the stuff. Also, I am on 5 am after the call-and-response signal to the bomb shelter (if you've played, you'll know what I'm talking about), in the fields, I think. As it was saving, the game crashed. I didn't think much of it, it had happened several times before as I went to another area, but when I got back on, the screen showed 5 am in its squiggly, cool script, the screen panned down and the screen shrank to its "theatrical" setting that happens when you go to the edge of an area like normal, and... The screen froze, and the game crashed-- again. I've tried it several times since then, with the same result. I can't continue the game until I find a loophole to this glitch or until it's patched, and I'm majorly PO'ed, but not enough to lose a star. Basically, if you've been skipping to the good points to find the main stuff, here it is:1) the dialogue is good, but please, if you could, make Alex's speech bubbles linger for a while longer, 2) the ghost training test in the manor. Major confusion. Not a big issue, but still. 3) MAIN SUBJECT: PLEASE FIX THE 5AM GLITCH!! Not angry (well, yeah, I am), just also frustrated that I can't continue the amazing game until it's fixed. I know you didn't mean to have that glitch (no dev does), and I know you've fixed others in the past, but this one has popped up, and it's a major problem. Devs, please listen on this one. I love the game, its story, the little bits of romance and conflict (and possession), but I really don't like the 5 am glitch. If you're reading this, thanks for reading this far. 140.1 freq is helpful, and the radio was a nice touch. Thanks for listening.👍🏻👍🏻

I really like the the game but

It crashes every time when I go through the door to the cave when Jonas disappears


I love this game so much and I really like that this game plays like a movie that I am always in control of. Great job 👍🏻. The story was so heartwarming and it melted my heart and I think I had a good ending because everyone escaped and Nona and Ren became a couple, Jonas and Alex became good siblings with each other and Clarissa became really great at school. Again great job.

Buy it. No questions asked.

This game is without a doubt the best game I have ever played so far.

Alex is an annoying character to play

Other reviewers have already addressed how annoyingly fast the thought bubbles disappear and how the game can unexpectedly freeze on you, so I won’t repeat those complaints. Instead I’ll address how annoying it is to play the main character Alex. She’s so defensive that even if I select what appears to be a benign thought bubble, she’ll say it in an exasperated and snippy way, creating enemies when I didn’t want her to. Being forced to play such an easily annoyed character made this an annoying game to play. But I give it 3 stars because the idea for this game is pretty cool.

Needs Bug Fix

I've really really enjoyed this game. But at a point in the game, I can no longer continue because it keeps crashing. Please provide an update to correct this!

Crashes at the end

The problem with making such a compelling storyline is that it's way more miserable if the game never lets you finish. Whenever I try to enter the cave at the end of the game, the app crashes and I have to repeat the last 15 minutes of gameplay and it crashes again. This would be five stars, but if you can't finish the game, it's really not worth your money

Can't finish due to crash

I liked the game, but it crashed throughout, and at 5 am permanently crashes. So, I can't finish it. Hopefully I'll receive the requested refund. Also, the game should offer shortcuts for getting around the island.

Truly mind blowing

If you love parallel universe, time loops, and puzzles, this is a must-download

Beautiful Art

The artwork, story line and characters are so rich. This is truly a masterpiece. I’ve not yet finished the game but I am halfway through and I’d like to warn upcoming buyers that the game drains your battery like a vampire! It’s not that big of a deal but it’s not the kind of game you play during school if you want to save your battery or have your phone make it through the end of the day!

Amazing game

I urge you to get this game it is worth every penny it has enough mystery to intrigue you and a good story that makes you choose your own adventure your choices matter in this game greatly

Please fix the crashing!

I want to give this a 5-star rating because it is a phenomenal game and I'm so impressed with how well crafted this game translates into playability for an iPhone. UNFORTUNATELY, the game continues to crash and I have been unable to play beyond 5AM. Developers! Please update this so that we can continue to fall in love with this game and I can give this the rating it deserves.

The Greatest Game of 2016

I seriously can not and will not ever understand why this game is so underrated. IT'S PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First the characters: something about them just makes it feel like they're real. They're phenomenal! Now the plot: when you first read the plot, it sounds cliché. But I've played it 7 times(no joke!), and not once did I think that it's cliché. Everything good about this game creates a charm that eradicates the thought. So, do I recommend Oxenfree? Yes. Yes I do. I'LL RECOMMEND IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IF I WAS TOLD TO! Spoilers below: By the way, I think Ren and Nona are adorable together :-)


Throughout the gameplay I kept admiring how magnificent this game is. However, the game kept crashing and at the 5AM scene where the main characters are on their way to rescue Clarissa, I can't frigging play because it continues to crash and sends me back to home screen every single time. I DO NOT want such a masterpiece to be WASTED for a ridiculous reason. I hope the developers would fix the bug soon so that I can change my review into 5 stars and finish the story. Thank you.

Game was different from my expectations.

The graphic is spectacular like high-quality animation movie. but the game is so boring to me it was different from my expectations. I thought this game would be like spooky/adventure but no.. it wasn't. I regret purchasing this game..


It was a very good looking game ... but it was so darn confusing! The characters would talk over each other , the music was so loud at times that you comedy hear the conversations that your character was having... it was just ... ugh .. was it creepy? Yes , yes it was. But at the end of the game I really don’t feel as though my “decisions” changed anything. If I were to sum the game up in three words it would be confusing , frustrating, and unoriginal.

Great Story

Loved the pacing. It never felt padded, or like I was running around aimlessly, solving puzzles just to solve them. Visuals and sounds were fantastically atmospheric. Characters are all well-done and complex enough that I'm still not sure how I feel about one of them (Jonas) in the end. The story itself is the best part, but I'd rather not spoil it. My only criticism is that the timing of some of the speech prompts is occasionally clunky. Enough to mention, but not enough to take away a whole star (I'd take half if I could.)

Beautiful graphics, can’t stand the background music

I’m only a short way into the game, but I can’t continue because I can’t stand the background music. First of all, it’s too loud, so it’s not in the background. Also, it’s not melodic or interesting at all; just noise to me. Please make an option to turn off the background music.

Great game but...

I’d love iPhone X support please!


Ok the characters, story, and just everything is all so well done. I’m so sad there is no oxenfree 2...speaking of oxenfree 2, please make one. Get this app it’s so worth it. I love these types of games. I play a ton of these types of games but this game is by far #1 on my list. I love it please make another:)

Amazing/but one issue

My one and only criticism is that you don’t have a lot of time to choose a response, and when you do then you talk over someone else who’s already talking (not all the time do this happen). Skybound is usually good with decision based games associated with dialogue (TellTale Series) This game is simply amazing. The story is so rich and engaging, that it’s down right a treat to play. I’m currently on my fourth play though of the game. It has multiple endings which make it have great replay value. I own this game on both my iPhone, and iPad. I recently purchased it again for Nintendo Switch where it’s so much better to control. Do yourself a favor... buy this game!

Crashing Issues

As far as I've played the game, I have loved every second. A lot of times, the game crashed in-between loading screens. It wasn't a big issue, as it saved beforehand and I could continue the game normally. But at the Fallout Bunker/ Cave Entrance around 5 AM, it keeps crashing as soon as it finishes loading, and I'm stuck there now. Please fix this so I can finish the game!

Please make it full screen on iPhone X

Please make it full screen on iPhone X! It’s gonna be gorgeous!

Waste of $5

A choose your own adventure where all you do is decide which of several snarky things to say. Stupid "game" and waste of $5.

All good except for 5am glitch

Can't get passed the 5 AM point. Game crashes every time. I've tried everything, even deleting ur game and replaying the entire thing up to this point and it crashes. It's the 5am epiphany fields area that crashes every time I turn the game on and try to continue playing. EASE HELP!!! Desperate to finish the story!

I guess I’m too old, yet...

...I guess I’m getting prudish because a character talks of bringing drugs to do on the island and they meet another character who smokes. Bleh. If you don’t talk like a teenager, the conversation will grate on you. I like how you can steer the conversation tone and the radio mech is an interesting twist. Basically I think this game will appeal to people who like to complain a lot and cause trouble. Sorry to be harsh.

I guess it was ok

After reading the reviews I guess my expectations were a little too high. I played both games Broken Age and Til Mornings Light which were both awesome, and as I played OXENFREE I kept those comparisons in mind. As a result, I felt the game ended weirdly and the the overall content and player involvement was as strong in comparison to the others. In OXENFREE, the interactions with the objects appeared pointless at times because the main character would only talk about the objects but nothing further. However, the game was pleasant and did keep me intrigued to continue to play.

Game Crashing

I love the game, but it won't stop crashing. It no longer allows me to continue to play. I have been waiting to see if the game was unfinished or something, but I seem to not be the only person with this issue. We cannot go any further after it shows the 5am sign. I am very disappointed because I payed a lot of money for this app when games are usually free or 0.99 or 1.99. I expect that the game makers will address these issues.

Looove this game, but

I really love this game as it’s one of the few roleplaying games that has a lot of different endings. The storyline’s great! The voice acting is top notch, I just have noticed a few things. With the new Broadcasting option on mobile, I was signed out of my YT account several times during the Broadcast. And when I tried recording it, I used the Save to Camera Roll option only I can’t find the video log anywhere. Hopefully these little bugs will get fixed soon! :)

Best Game Ever!!!

This is the best game ,< story>, music , art, sub-plot, hidden surprises, etc, I’ve ever played on the iPad. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I’m totally hooked on all things Oxenfree and know that a follow up would likely be a year or more wait. More Night School.. and get a move on it!

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