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Text too small on iPhone: unplayable

I was really hoping to love this game, but I have zero hope of reading the dialogue options. The text is far too small, and unless it appears in a high-contrast context, I can barely make it out. Don't even get me started on the Morse code at the bottom of the screen that may (or may not!) be subtitles. I'm not sure. Wish I'd known this game doesn't accommodate aging eyes (or any kind of difficulty seeing) before purchasing it!

Amazing game

Wow this game is something. The writing, the voice acting, the gameplay, it was all great. And as soon as I finished it I had to go back and restart to see everything I missed. The game is full of branching storylines and hidden secrets not to mention *ominous static* and they all seemed to be okay but I don’t know, y’know? And don’t miss the *radio squeal* I just about jumped out of my pants when that happened. So it’s definitely worth the money. I mean just *squawk* Wow this game is something. The writing... Something’s not right. I think I’m gonna go lay down.

Incredible Game

I don’t know what to say. This game is incredible, from the graphics, to the characters, to the design. I wouldn’t have listed it under “horror”, and that’s coming from someone who hates horror games. It’s not exactly because it isn’t scary, it’s that I feel like the main point of a horror game is to scare you, while this game is more like a mystery with a highly developed plot. I also think that there isn’t a particular age rating on this game, but anyone below the age of 12 should ask an adult before playing it. There is some cursing, drug usage, and smoking, but it isn’t encouraging anything like that. This is an incredible game, and I highly recommended it.

There needs to be more games like this

I love this game it feels like the quality of a computer game but on a phone I wish more games like this

This game 😍

I rarely purchase games and I almost never write reviews, so that should start to explain how much I love this game. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the characters are incredible. This combined makes the game incredibly addictive! The choices you make in this game truly affect your gameplay which is in part what makes it so interesting. The game also has multiple endings which makes it so worth the money as you can play it again and again to see how the story will play out. 10/10 recommend !

Great story and gameplay

Once I started playing this, I couldn’t put it down. I was enraptured by the storyline, and the strange things that happened to the characters. I felt like I was going through the game myself, my heart pumping at random events. I highly recommend.


Great game it was REALLY entertaining and fun! The only problem was is that I couldn’t listen to it without headphones... but overall 5 ⭐️s. The animation is beautiful and I quite enjoyed it! Worth the money! 😁😁😁

A lot of non-stop talking

For someone who likes exploratory adventure games, the constant chattering and having to choose responses is quite annoying.

Oxenfree is a gem

Oxenfree is on of the best thriller, story-based games I’ve ever played. Would absolutely recommend.


The conversations are realistic-If you wait too long to speak, it can cause an awkward silence, just like real life. And the characters are beautifully crafted, the designs and personalities both. (Also I find the main character H A W T)


Such a great game! I haven’t played a good interactive game like this in a while. I totally recommend it to anyone, and hope they continue to make more like this one!

Amazing game, horrible language

This game has so much potential to affect people in positive ways. I really want to give it 5 stars, but I can’t. So much potential, heavily marred by constant religiously based cursing and crude humor. It seems that half of the lines in the game start with my savior’s name used as a curse. It is really that bad. Please consider how offensive this is to Christians. You wouldn’t say Martin Luther King (or pick your favorite great martyr) as a curse word, but this is every bit as insensitive. The voice cast is so amazing otherwise. The incredible analog radio and video simulations blew me away (and used up my battery). The great though provoking story and morals really drew me in. Please consider cleaning up your next game so it can be recommended without caveats. It is the right thing to do as well as a smart business decision.

Please support for iPhone X

It’s almost outdated But great game over all.

Needs to be optimized for iPhone X

I remember playing this on my iPad Pro. But please upgraded to iPhone X screen!! Fantastic game otherwise


This game was amazing... suspenseful, spooky, emotional, and fun. PLEASE CREATE A SEQUEL!!! There aren’t many apps like this that I know of... especially nothing quite this captivating. most choose your own adventures are corny and just plain dumb... this was fun, addicting, and spooky. Idk why more people don’t know about this..? But PLEASE tell me you’re working on a sequel!

Audio problems

I can’t hear the audio and because of that it is really hard to follow the game. Honestly this is a major problem and makes the game unplayable for me; the subtitles don’t even help. 🙃

Superb! I Want More!!!

I literally just finished the game about a minute ago! Ugh! I’m having the same hangover/withdrawal like I’ve just finished watching Stranger Things! This game is soooo good! It is well written from its plot line and mystery to its dialogues and character development! The environment of this gsme teleports you in that moment — the art design and palpable sounds! I want more! No, I NEED more games like this! I’m usually very frugal with making app purchases but getting this game was well worth it. More people need to play this game... Actually, more of experience it! I’ll miss Oxenfree! Thanks developers for the thrilling and transporting feeling this game has successfully captured imo! Loved it!

Lovely Game

This game has a lot of great attributes. It’s gorgeous; they do a great job with character development; the programming of it all is superb. Definitely the kind of game you should download before a long plane ride, as it will engross you fully. Worth $5, in my opinion. Two things that kept me from giving it 5 stars: 1) at times, the story is SLOOOOW; and 2) the characters, supposed to be teenagers, sound like they were voiced by actors 30+ (I realize this seems like an insignificant factor, but it really does distract from the story).

This was amazing

From the graphics to the story itself this game had it all. It was fascinating and you fall in love with the characters really easily. The flash backs where my favorite thing about it you can see how every character is some way changed for the better or even worse. Very glad this game exists and I am proud to say that this is the best apple game I have played so far. Is made you feel like you were apart of the story and in a way you where. Props to the whole crew that took there time to make this masterpiece and 100000% recommend this to anyone who is up for a supernatural Rp story

Just Get It!

This is the best game I’ve played on mobile. It’s beautiful, well-acted, deeply creepy at times. After you play it through, you can go back and make new choices to get different results. It’s also just so nice to play a game and not feel hassled by paywalls and in-app purchases. I can’t wait to see what this development group makes next. I keep searching for something as good as Oxenfree. Nothing compares!

iPhone X issue

I can’t see my choices when I got the option the game only works for iPhones and stuff but I got iPhone X wish they can patch this

Highly recommend

I enjoyed playing! I just wish it lasted longer

No complaints!

Beautiful graphics, interesting (and kinda spooky) story, good characters with depth and growth. I LOVED this game, and it’s worth the money. Skip your midday Starbucks run, and get this game instead, it’s worth it.

That was excellent!

I just couldn’t put It down. At first I thought the teenagers were a bit silly with alcohol and drug references but then it really made them have a personality. I wonder how much if at all the story changes based on decisions. Very cool.


The story and plot is so well thought out and allows for you to play the game over with a twist, although I won’t spoil it. At first I was a little skeptical to pay money for the game, but after playing through it once I am very glad I did. I’ve recommended the app to several others who are just as satisfied with it as I am. I love the creepy and mysterious aspects this game presents and I definitely look forward to the announced sequel.


The storyline is great, the graphics are gorgeous, and it’s spooky enough to send chills down your spine. Overall, this game was AMAZING. It wasn’t worth 5 stars, it was worth... 1,000 stars!


I love this game, it, of course, freaked me out mostly through out half of the story. I really recommend it. I wanna see another story from Night School Studio. I cried a bit on when Alex’s brother talked about leaving town. I would definitely recommend this game to my friends.

Interested to play, one major issue

The game is very interesting and beautiful. I'd love to play it but the music is driving me nuts, not only is it repetitive but is too loud. Give me an option to turn it down and/or off and I will give it five stars.


No audio, and print so small and light I can’t read it even though I have great vision. Also, not an hour after I wrote to the developers for help, I got a junk email from someone they sold my email address to!! I know this because I made the mistake of writing to them on my (up til now) ad free email address and the spam was addressed to the test initial I put down as my name.

So good, but buggy

This game is amazing, but I keep encountering bugs where Alex gets stuck in certain areas. Sometimes quitting and restarting works, but then I have to play the chapter over. Frustrating, because it’s so good otherwise.

This isn’t a ordinary game,

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in your hands literally, People who dislike this, are people who prefer more puzzles, if your looking for a story like Stranger Things but want to control it a little this it, If You don’t enjoy the game, Please rate by the actual games value, don’t give any game 1 star just because your not a fan of its style, Styles don’t make games bad. Info, This game is mostly just like the books where you pick and chose, and it effects the ending. At times it feels like the traveling between areas can be a little long, but the chatter of characters keeps it engaging, making the game (maybe some time a movie) flawless. P.s careful it crashes once and awhile but nothing Limiting.


I was curious about the game at first so I decided to give it a try and what I found in it was a game where you made the decisions, it is also the kind of game where you could go back into the game and do things completely different

Fun game but needs a few changes

Does remind me of Stranger Things which is cool. You get very caught up in the story and I finished the game feeling like it was worth the money, however I wished they would give you more time for responses so you can think about each one and I was kinda expecting a more dramatic ending, your just kinda like “that was it?! :(“ They should change those things and make a sequel and Id play it.

Not optimized for iPhone X still?!

Good game. Kinda goes on and on with the talking but please optimize for the iPhone X.

The Ultimate Role-Playing Game

this game is beautiful, story-wise and graphics-wise. I love how you can feel like the words you say actually influence the story and change relationships. However, on the subject of dialogue, it would be great if you (devs) could let the speech bubbles for Alex stay until the person speaking is finished. Sometimes you don't get the full gist of what others are saying if they don't finish, but you can't say something to change what's happening if you listen to the whole sentence, and that kinda gets me ticked. I guess that's what the subtitles are for, but it's just a thought. Basically, if you've been skipping to the main stuff, here it is: the dialogue is good, but please, if you could, make Alex's speech bubbles linger for a while longer. The dialogue issue is pretty annoying, but overall, it's a small price to pay for such a great game. I desperately hope the recent lack of updates means that they're making another game that's as good as this. Thanks for listening. EDIT: I've played this game over and over and over again to try to find the best ending, but no matter what, I never find anything new. The scenes in the game trailer, are they actually in the game? Or are they just to spark the people's attention? If it's the former, I have yet to find any clues leading to it. Just, maybe make the part two (time loop) stuff and clues a little easier to find. So far, I've only been able to make Alex feel a vague sense of deja vu. Oh, and the car lights thing, but that's it.


I actually... REALLY liked this game. The voice actors were amazing, the story line/plot was so amazing and unique, etc. etc. Just- It was really amazing.


I haven’t finished this game yet but oh my god it is freaking amazing, the story is so perfect that it doesn’t feel like a mobile game. The characters are so beautifully built with and actually back story and personality. And the graphics are beautiful and this game is just astounding and I would recommend it to everybody

Absolutely amazing

This beautiful games reminds me that games can be powerful and emotional tools that tell amazing stories. From the beginning your decisions effect your game. Everything you do including interrupting other players does not go unnoticed. The music isn’t over powerful at all and remains beautifully put without seeming out of place for a moment. Highly recommend your money is beyond worth it.


At first I was a bit nervous it was just another boring role play app but I really got into it. It was so fun to join the horror adventure of Alex and her friends! It kept me on edge the whole time and helped me survive my 16 hour plane flight. Thanks! Please make more of these!!!

Really awesome game

Ive had this game before and I really love it. Story and characters is amazing. I am having an issue though. It says there is controller support but I cannot activate it. Could you please help with this?

Sound not working!!!

I bought this game, new it was going to be great, and shoot! The sound isn’t working at all! I tried everything but it still isn’t working, advise anyone?!? I want to play this game! It looks so cool!!!

Outstanding game

Oxenfree is unlike any game I have played before. This one definitely made it to the top of my favorites. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It left me speechless.

The Best

This is honestly the best game I have ever played.

ALMOST Perfect

First, I absolutely loved this game. Unique style, characters, story. Dialogue adds to instead of detracts like some adventure games. Not sure if it was just me, which is entirely possible, but one thing that I didn’t love was how difficult it was to navigate Alex to some of the locations. Some could only be accessed by one route and if you go the wrong way, takes a long time to get back. The winding trails were beautiful, but traversing them repeatedly became tedious. The map shows which area you’re in, but not the routes to get from one place to another. Some kind of navigation help would have relieved my frustrations, but even with that, loved this game.

Haunting In Every Aspect

This game and it’s characters is hauntingly beautiful. The synth-pop style music adds to the mysterious, dangerous tone to the story and setting. The characters develop as you chose what to say in certain situations. The story is brilliant and dives into a side of the human race that screams for revenge and screams for freedom. There are moments where it takes your breath away more than once. And speaking of more than once, if you continue your ‘timeline’ as they call it, the story takes on a deeper, darker turn that engages your ‘past’ playings in ways that really impressed me. This whole game is really brilliant and I wish there were more out there like this! 10/10 would play this again and again!

Stuck at Adler’s House

I’d give this a five star if I wasn’t currently stuck at Adler’s house with a chest I have no combination for and no way to head back to Main Street.

I want a 2 one

This is such a good damm gave

Game good

The game is one of the most fun games i have ever played.


I am furious. If I’m paying for a game. Especially $5 I want it to work with the iPhone X. That is ridiculous that 1 year after the phones release you have yet to update it. I’m wanting a refund because the digital boarders. If I’m paying for a game it should be fully compatible

I’m late to the party, but YES!

This game. It’s an absolute masterpiece that keeps on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the story. The characters are all very fleshed out and have diverse personalities, something I really wanted in this game. Not to mention, it’s really a gorgeous game. It’s incredibly immersive and eerily beautiful. If you like something like, I don’t know, Stranger Things, this should be a fun game for you. This review is pretty far away from the original release date, but anyone who’s looking for something supernatural themed and ready for a few spooks, the four dollars are definitely worth it. All the stars to this game.

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